Skipton Court House and Police Residence

Victoria's last surviving portable court house

33 Montgomery Street, Skipton


Wathaurung land


The Skipton Court House is used by the Skipton Historical Society as a local museum. The Police Residence is utilised for meetings and storage of the historical society's collection. 

These buildings stand on the land of the Wathaurong people.


Despite the fact they are side by side, the Skipton Police Residence and Courthouse have very different histories. The Courthouse if a portable building, moved to Skipton from Beaufort in 1867. It is one of the few portable buidlings remaining from the goldrush era. The police residence was built in 1910 and is similar to many others built in the same era. 

Both the Courthouse and Residence suffered major damage when the Emu Creek flooded in early 2011. While quick action by the historical society saved the paper based collection, Working Heritage undertook major works to ameloriate the flood damage. 

The future

Working Heritage will continue to work with the Skipton Historical Society to ensure the building is well utilised and maintained. 

Photographs by Andrew Curtis.

Skipton Court House and Police Residence
Skipton Court House and Police Residence


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