Geelong Telegraph Station

A link to the region's maritime and telegraphic past

83a Ryrie Street, Geelong


 Wathaurung land


The former Geelong Telegraph Station now provides offices for the Geelong Performing Arts Centre (GPAC) and a range of sub-tenants. 

Geelong Telegraph Station stands on the land of the Wathaurong people.


Geelong Telegraph Station was built following the establishment of a telegraph line between Melbourne and Geelong and was the centre of communications in the district.  It is linked to Corio Bay’s maritime history through its timeball – once released at 1pm every day to enable the people of Geelong, and shipmasters in the harbor, to get an accurate time reading.

Constructed in a Georgian style out of Barrabool freestone it is an excellent example of early masonry construction.

Working Heritage began managing Geelong Telegraph Station in January 2006. The time ball and dropped again at 1pm on 12 January 2006 to celebrate the building's new life.

The Future

Working Heritage will undertake regular conservation works over the coming years to ensure the building's stonework is kept in good condition and the building remains fit for its current role in Geelong's cultural life.

Photographs by Peter Glenane.

Geelong Telegraph Station
Geelong Telegraph Station


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