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Ballan Court House


We acknowledge that the Ballan Court House is situated on the land of the Wadawurrung People and that the building’s history is inextricably tied to the area’s history of colonisation and dispossession. The building is situated on land that is viewed as Crown Land by the State and unceded Country by the Wadawurrung. For the Wadawurrung, colonisation had a devastating impact on all aspects of their life including culture, language and traditions. While much of the consequences of this history are still being felt, the ongoing work of the Wadawurrung People is a testament to the cultural strength and resilience that has aided their survival. Our intent to confront the reality of colonisation and make genuine steps towards reconciliation.

The property

Built between 1872 and 1876 the building is one of the earliest remaining small courthouses in country Victoria.

We were appointed property manager in 2011. The building received a new lease of life through significant conservation works in late 2015. These works involved underpinning the existing footings, re-plastering and repair of brickwork.

Current Use

The Ballan Court House is currently used by the Ballan Shire Historical Society as a local history record and resource centre.

Visiting the Property

Ballan Court House is regularly open to the public. Please contact the Historical Society directly if you would like to access their archive or visit the site.