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Former Royal Mint Site


Working Heritage acknowledges that the former Royal Mint site played a role in the colonial expansion of Victoria which resulted in the dispossession and alienation of Country from its traditional owners the Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung. Our intent is to confront this reality and make genuine steps towards reconciliation.

The Property

The Royal Mint was first opened in 1872 to manufacture gold coins and operated as a key institution in the development of Melbourne as a city, Victoria as a colony, and Australia as a nation. The Mint complex originally included factories, grand civic buildings, residential quarters, laboratories, furnaces, chimneys, and coining rooms.

The gleaming coat of arms, impressive architecture and imposing brick wall of the Former Royal Mint are familiar to many Melbournians, some of whom may have also visited the site when it operated as the Registry of Civil Marriages in the 1970s and 80s.

The Former Royal Mint was the first property to come under Working Heritage’s (originally Mint Inc) management in 1998. We have carried out major works to conserve the buildings, adapting them for use as a museum, bar/restaurant and office. The site of the demolished factory is a public car park that helps fund our operations and the conservation of Victoria’s cultural heritage.

Current Use

  • The Mint Car Park at the rear of the property is a public car park accessible 24 hours every day.
  • The South Gatehouse is the home office of Working Heritage.
  • The main building, formerly the offices and quarters of the Royal Mint, is home to the Hellenic Museum and a series of offices for community and commercial businesses.
  • The Mint Bar operates a bustling bar and restaurant in the North Gatehouse.

Visiting the Site

  • The Hellenic Museum is open 10 AM - 4 PM Mon-Sun with paid admission. 
  • The Mint Bar is open from 12 PM to late Mon-Fri.
  • The Working Heritage Mint Carpark is open 24hrs/day all year round.
  • The Mint Pocket Park can be found in the northeast corner of the car park and is accessible to all 24hrs/day.