A community survey on the Skipton Historic Reserve (incorporating the former Skipton Court House and former Police Residence) will be opening in early 2022.


The purpose of the survey is to canvas the Skipton and district community's opinion on the future use and improvement of the Skipton Historic Reserve site.


The data is currently being collated and will help Working Heritage prepare a strategic visionfor this valued community  site.


Skipton Court House  - located at 33 Montgomery Street, Skipton - is the home of the Skipton and District Historical Society, which has been operating at the location for many years.








South Melbourne Temperance Hall

An Emerald Hill community and cultural institution


199 – 207 Napier Street, South Melbourne




t: 9600 1667
e: info@workingheritage.com.au

Southern Gatehouse
Former Royal Melbourne Mint
280 William Street
Melbourne VIC 3000


PO Box 13287
Law Courts Post Office
277 William Street
Melbourne VIC 8010


Permanent and casual parking
is available at the Mint Car Park,
280 William Street, Melbourne.

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