The purpose of the survey is to canvas Daylesford and Hepburn Springs community opinion on the future use and improvement of the Daylesford Court House Reserve site.


Survey data will help Working Heritage prepare a strategic visionfor this valued community and heritage site. In seeking community input to inform our Site Management Plan, we envisage that the Daylesford Neighbourhood Centre will continue to operate oat the site into the foreseeable future.


Daylesford Court House Reserve - located at 13 Camp Street, Daylesford - is a heritage-listed site featuring four buildings and approximately 6,000sqm of open space. On the Reserve you will find the 1863 Court House, the 1875 Police Residence and Lock-up. In addition, the site also features a contemporary conference/classroom building.


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Warracknabeal Court House

A late-Victorian court house ready for reactivation


30 Woolcock Street, Warracknabeal

Barengi Gadjin land


t: 9600 1667

Southern Gatehouse
Former Royal Melbourne Mint
280 William Street
Melbourne VIC 3000


PO Box 13287
Law Courts Post Office
277 William Street
Melbourne VIC 8010


Permanent and casual parking
is available at the Mint Car Park,
280 William Street, Melbourne.

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