In March of 1998 and in accordance with the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978, the then Minister for Conservation and Land Management, Marie Tehan, signed off the incorporation of an organisation - known as The Mint Incorporated - that was appointed as the Committee of Management for the former Royal Mint, at 280 William Street, Melbourne, with Dr Jan Penney as Chair. The Victorian Government Gazette records the details in edition G9, 5 March 1998, page 503.

This was the official commencement of the organisation that is now known as Working Heritage. For the last 21 years, various committee members and staff, along with consultants and contractors, have worked in partnership to manage the heritage properties on Crown land in Victoria vested in its care.

On Thursday 21st March 2019, Working Heritage celebrates 21 years of conservation, adaptation and reactivation of properties and buildings with architectural, cultural and social heritage significance whose original uses are no longer required by government. Working Heritage looks forward to the next 21 years of caring for these valuable assets for all Victorians to enjoy.


Former Royal Mint

A Melbourne landmark since 1872


280 William Street, Melbourne

Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung land


t: 9600 1667

Southern Gatehouse
Former Royal Melbourne Mint
280 William Street
Melbourne VIC 3000


PO Box 13287
Law Courts Post Office
277 William Street
Melbourne VIC 8010


Permanent and casual parking
is available at the Mint Car Park,
280 William Street, Melbourne.

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