Working Heritage is undertaking remediation works on the historic perimeter wall of the Former Royal Mint.

Sections of the brick wall have gradually shifted from their original position. This project will conserve the historic wall and ensure there is no further movement. Works involve excavating along the inside of the wall, improving drainage and constructing a new internal retaining wall. The $3 million project represents a significant investment by Working Heritage in the future of this historic site. 

These works will take place from March–November 2018. There will be construction activity throughout the site during this time – please take care. The Mint Car Park will contiue to operate at reduced capacity.

The Royal Mint operated from 1872, producing colonial and Australian coinage for 96 years. An extensive factory complex once occupied much of the site. The impressive brick walls have stood since 1870, when they were built to provide security and to retain the earth that forms the flat site in an area that slopes downhill to the east.


A proposal to transform Warracknabeal Court House into a space for artists and the arts has been shortlisted for the Creative Victoria Creative State Commissions.

This project will be led by Matthew Bird, Charity Edwards and Tom Morgan of MADA Monash University Art Design & Architecture in partnership with Working Heritage. Stage one funding will enable this proposal to be developed and explored.

It is an amazing opportunity to explore what the future of this place might be. Throughout April 2018 a team from Working Heritage and MADA will be visiting the Wimmera Mallee to talk to local people about their ideas. 

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Works are complete at Carlton Court House, where theatre audiences can now enjoy new and improved spaces

Working Heritage initiated this project in response to the contemporary needs of this building in its use as theatre space by tenant La Mama Theatre. A new entranceway has been constructed alongside the historic Court House, which has stood on the site since 1887. The new structure provides both a brilliant architectural contrast and an all-weather area to welcome audiences. Our revitalisation has also included greater security, storage and amenity for crews and performers. These improvements make the building, used by over 10,000 people every year, more practical and welcoming for its use by La Mama, while being sensitive to the heritage fabric and significance.

Working Heritage has invested approximately $320,000 in these improvements with a valuable contribution of approximately $20,000 by La Mama. This investment will ensure its future as a premier independent theatre venue in inner-Melbourne. 

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